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Web Starting-block

Sample type

5 A4 size pages:
- 1 welcome page with activity and particulars upon your company + contents
Logo and pictures of your company
- 1 page for history of your company
- 1 ,2 or 3 pages for products presentation or range..
Logo and pictures of products
- 1 contact page with sales, managing, technical contacts.
- 1 page with reference or access map to your company.


Link to your Email. Within only a single click visitors can send you Email informations Conditions : Customer must provide Text format (.doc, .rtf or .txt), Images format "bmp, pcx, tiff or gif". Scan 256 colors 96 dpi. Update web site is included for 2 hours woks max.

No hidden cost to change from Start to Silver or Gold, you pay only the difference




Extra needs

Price VAT Excl.

1 Extra A4 size page with text & pictures

20 US $

1 Password access to your web site

40 US $

1 Indexed Search data base (setup)

149 US $

1 register on major search engines

149 US $

1 Extra Email Aliases

10 US $

1 Graphic Chart

200 US $

1 Email Autoresponders

20 US $

1 Your Site recorded on CD

50 US $

1 Personalized Forms CGI

100 US $

1 Domain name check availability and registration .com

200 US $

Options details

- Extra Page
Each A4 size page includes text and max 6 pictures.
- Password access : tariff is for one password.
1/ Password is required to access your site for any visitors.
2/ Password is requested only to some pages you want to make restricted access.(Sales price list, technical informations upon products, diagrams...
Indexed data base
Your site includes non visible informations very useful for search engines to identify your company among thousands with criteria. Price is given for setup and personalization. Registration on major search engines is sold as extra charge.
- Extra Email alias : gives facility for visitors to send you specific informations : example : (for general informations), (for technical informations), for commercial informations. All these addresses will be sent directly to your single email address but your customers will not know it.
- Graphic chart : your web site must reflect your strategy of communication with the same rules. Colors, format, pictures, characters must fit your company image.Access time to your page requires a graphic web knowledge.
- Email autoresponder: gives a feedback by email to customer and visitors telling them you have receive their request. Each time visitors fill a form the computer send to them an email.
- Your Site on CD-rom: We record a copy of your web site, so you can play on any computer to your customers when you visit them or when you exhibit a trade show or attend a seminar. Your web site is a demo performance. Price is given for one copy. For several copies please ask.
CGI Forms : gives facility to your clients and/or prospects to send you personalized request. (examples request for tariff, specific products, quotations...) These request will be forwarded to you by Email or you will have access by FTP.
Accès FTP : using any FTP software (freeware available on the net), you will be able to update your site from anywere as far as you have an Internet access. Modify your page, add or delete. Abcdom will give you a password to process. Important Notice : You will be responsible for errors or misuses. Repair is charge 40 US $ per hour. This facility is charge 80 US $ per hour for rush within less than next 8 working hour. Furthermore space available is limited to 2Mo for Web Starting Block, 4Mo Silver Block, 6Mo Gold Block. Extra space will be charged 15 US $ per month for each 5Mo extra space needed.







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